About Candy Making

Candy Making Instructions

Care For and Clean Up


  • Dipping with Candy WafersDipping

    Dipped foods are a simple way to make something worthy of a gift...

  • Drizzling with Candy WafersDrizzling

    Being able to drizzle like a pro is simplewhen you find a method...

  • Marbleizing with Candy WafersMarbleizing

    Marbleizing is a simple technique that will make homemade candies look professional. Proper...

  • Melting Candy WafersMelting Candy Wafers

    You may melt Make’n Mold

  • Mold PaintingPainting Molds

    Adding color to your candy gives it an all-together different look. It also...

  • Removing Excess Candy from Dipped ItemsRemoving Excess Candy From Dipped Items

    Removing the excess from dipped items will help keep your work station clean

Tools and Supplies