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A New Take on Figgy Pudding

A New Take on Figgy Pudding

When guests gather in your home to partake in your Yuletide festivities, surprise them with a hearty serving of a forgotten seasonal favorite. Christmas pudding is a moist round cake full of dried fruits, spices and a generous dash of sherry or brandy. Your friends will love scooping into this dessert, the centerpiece of your holiday party!

Christmas pudding is a meal with historic ties to medieval Britain, where the dish was prepared and served as an important religious tradition among Christians. The baking process usually starts taking place weeks before the pudding is served. Raisins, currants, prunes and nuts are marinated in a bath of ale or brandy for days, along with brown sugar and molasses for sweetener.

Medieval recipes for this British dish called for steaming this mixture after adding suet, a fat drawn off from beef or mutton. However, many contemporary preparations substitute eggs and butter instead. Boiled or steamed for hours, the resulting pudding that’s left is wrapped in muslin and left to set at room temperature for days. “Feeding” the pudding regularly with brandy once a week keeps it moist and preserves the ingredients.

Tradition holds that this rich dessert is unwrapped and served at Christmas dinner, presented to all your friends and family topped with a bright sprig of holly. More dried fruit can also be added to decorate, either piled around the sides of the dish or pressed carefully into the sides of this pudding. For a presentational finale, a flaming layer of brandy is often ladled on top to give your Christmas pudding a caramelized glaze.

In medieval England, Christmas pudding, or “plum pudding,” was a tasty way to celebrate religious customs. Not only was it served on Christmas, but some households even held to recipes that used only 13 ingredients, representing Christ and the Apostles. If you have a religious-themed gathering or celebration to attend this holiday season, a delicious Christmas pudding may be a savory way to add to the atmosphere!

You can honor this Christmas tradition in your own quick and easy way with some doughnut holes and a large helping of our Make’n Mold® Candy Wafers. Melt our candy wafers down to a smooth glaze and use it as filling for your doughnut holes. Lay out a tray of Mini Christmas Puddings at your next holiday gathering for and enchant your guests with this new winter treat.

See our step-by-step Mini Christmas Puddings recipe.

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