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Archive of : Candy Making Instructions

3D Molding

3D Molding Thumbnail

The following directions are written for use with Make’n Mold 3D Molds, such as the Eiffel Tower. Fill molds with melted candy wafers, tapping on countertop or table to release air bubbles and to evenly distribute candy. Remove any excess chocolate from the stick channel by pushing a stick...

Making Clusters, Cups and Barks

Making clusters cups and barks

From January to December, clusters, cups and bark are reliable candies that you can make in no time and with little skill required. All you need is a taste for great flavor combinations and an imagination. Hint: Clusters, cups and bark must always be chilled while they harden, to...

Molding Lollipops

Molding Lollipops

Lollipop molds are identified by the “stick channel” which allows for a lollipop stick to lay flat while candy wafers harden. Instructions: Fill all candy mold cavities to the top without over filling. Remove all air bubbles by tapping mold onto the counter top. Lay sticks into the stick...

How to Make Filled Candies

Making Filled Candies

There are several different kinds of filled candies you can make: peppermint patties, peanut butter fillies, cherry cordials and more. Here we’ll show you how to make molded candies using Make’n Mold® candy molds filled with surprisingly easy candy centers you can make yourself. Peanut Butter Filled Melt candy...

Dipping and Drizzling

Dipping and Drizzling

You can dip and/or drizzle just about anything in melted Make’n Mold candy or Make’n Mold caramel. It’s colorful, deliciously flavored, and adds flair to everything from desserts to school treats to plain old snacks you find in the kitchen. Dipping Instructions: Prepare items to be dipped. Melt desired...

Basic Molding

Basic Molding

Basic Solid Molding Begin molding projects by checking previously used molds for water marks or candy release marks. If a mold has either of these markings inside, wipe it with a soft cloth. A clean mold is what gives candies their super-shiny finish; scuffs or residue inside the mold...