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Removing Excess Candy From Dipped Items

Removing Excess Candy from Dipped Items

Removing the excess from dipped items will help keep your work station clean – and make for better looking finished pieces. Removing Excess Candy Technique Many new – or less experienced candy makers – make the mistake of scraping chocolate-dipped foods on the edge of the bowl before placing...

Painting Molds

Mold Painting

Adding color to your candy gives it an all-together different look. It also allows you to express your taste and show your artistic ability (we all have some, even if we don’t know it!). Painting Technique Instructions: Place 3-4 Make’n Mold® candy wafers in each cavity of the Make’n...

Melting Candy Wafers

Melting Candy Wafers

You may melt Make’n Mold® candy wafers using any method that works best for you. Certain methods work better depending on what you will be doing with the wafers once they are melted. We recommend you experiment with each method until you find the one or two that are...


Marbleizing with Candy Wafers

Marbleizing is a simple technique that will make homemade candies look professional. Proper Marbleizing Technique Melt at least two different colored candy wafers in separate bowls. Once both types of candy are melted, pour them into an additional bowl. Make sure to pour them gently in order to control...


Drizzling with Candy Wafers

Being able to drizzle like a pro is simplewhen you find a method that works for you Proper Drizzling Drizzling your dipped goodies will make them appear more finished and professional. Although drizzling your candy is a simple technique, it is important that each candy maker learns the method...


Dipping with Candy Wafers

Dipped foods are a simple way to make something worthy of a gift or serving as a dessert. Dipping Techniques Dipping foods into chocolate is one of the most delicious and simple ways to make basic candy. Not only does a chocolaty shell make fruits, cookies, and sometimes savory...