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Candy Packaging and Presentation Options

Candy Packaging Options

Assorted Boxes or Baskets – These come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Personally, I love to use boxes that are recycled from other food items; using a strawberry basket from a farmers market to hold dipped berries makes a beautiful gift. Glassine Bags – These wax-coated bags are...

Creating a Parchment Paper Cone for Drizzling

Creating a Parchment Paper Cone

Paper cones are not only a cost saver, but help eliminate a lot of cleanup. Cut the Triangles Begin with a square piece of parchment paper and cut it diagonally from corner to corner. Starting with a square is important because it will ensure that the corners line up...

Supplies Every Candy Maker Should Have

Candy Making Supplies

Essential Candy Making Supplies 1. Baking Sheet – Also referred to as a cookie sheet, baking sheets make it possible to easily move batches of dipped candy items, bark, and clusters into or out of the refrigerator. 2. Non-stick Baking Mat – For those of you wanting to eliminate...

Essential Tools for the Candy Making Kitchen

Candy Making Tools

Essential Candy Making Tools 1. Candy Molds – Candy molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used repeatedly. Make’n Mold® offers clear plastic molds which allow you to see air bubbles or details for painting. Make’n Mold offers a large variety of Candy Molds....