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Make’n Mold Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions. Click a section to see questions contained within. You may then click a question to see the answer.

01. Candy Wafer Questions

Q: Do candy wafers expire?

Candy Wafers do not have an expiration date. However, over time, the workability and appearance of the candy wafers might change slightly and you may see a white coating on the surface of the candy wafers. This is simply when the fat has migrated to the surface giving it a lighter appearance and will disappear when the wafers are melted.

Q: What is tempering? Is tempering required when using Make’n Mold candy wafers?

Tempering is the melting/cooling/reheating process that is required when working with real chocolate but is NOT necessary when making candy with Make’n Mold candy wafers.

Q: How long can you store candy wafers?

Candy wafers should be used within one year from time of purchase (stored inside a sealed package or container).

Q: Why did a white film appear on my candy wafers?

Bloomed Candy Wafers, or “Fat Bloom” is a common sight, usually noticeable on candy wafers that have been stored in an environment with inconsistent temperatures. Fat bloom is when the fat from the candy has separated slightly due to change of temperature, then re-settled on the surface. The candy is completely fine and the fat will mix back in once it is melted. If this happens on a finished candy piece, it is because the wafers were not shock-chilled. Unfortunately, this is one of those things that many candy makers learn the hard way.

Q: Are your Candy Wafers peanut free and free of coconut oil?

All of our candy wafers EXCEPT the Peanut Butter are peanut free, however they may contain trace amounts of peanuts due to common processing equipment. Also, all of our candy wafers are free of coconut oil.

Q: Are your Candy Wafers gluten-free?

Yes, our Candy Wafers are gluten-free.

Q: Can you please tell me how to read the date code on your candy wafer bags?

To understand the Julian date on our bags of Candy Wafers you can refer to the following article in our How To sections: How to Read Package Date Code

Q: Can you store candy wafers in the freezer, and if so for how long?

It is important never to store candy wafers or finished pieces in the refrigerator or freezer. You should store your candy in a cool dry place such as an airtight container.

Q: How do my molded pieces get that shiny appearance. Does this happen automatically or do I need to do something special?

A clean mold is what gives candies their super-shiny finish; scuffs or residue inside the mold will not allow for a shiny exterior.

Q: I have a Hersheys Chocolate Fountain and would like to know if your Milk Chocolate Candy Wafers are OK to use in it. The instructions say you should use chocolate with at least 39% cocoa butter.

We don’t recommend using our Candy Wafers in a fountain as they have a lower % of fat, but if you wanted to try it, we’d recommend adding about 1-2 oz of fat (such as shortening) per pound of candy wafers used.

02. Planning and Advance Preparation

Q: When making candy pieces for a special event, how far in advance can the candy be made?

Generally no more than a month ahead of time.

Q: How far in advance can I make candy covered strawberries?

Strawberries and other fruit should be dipped the day of the event to prevent weeping, drying out and molding of the fruit.

Q: How would I know how many ounces of candy wafers to buy to make 100 lollipops?

Each Make’n Mold candy mold package states how many ounces are required to fill that mold once. (e.g. The Make’n Mold Rose Bud Pop Mold (0018) packaging states that 4 ounces of candy wafers will fill this 4 cavity mold 1 time. From these we can figure out the equation, [ Required Ounces / Mold Cavities X’s Number of Desired Pops = Ounces of Candy Wafers to Buy ]. In this instance to make 100 lollipops you would need 100 ounces of Candy Wafers, which comes out to 7.14 14oz. bags, or 8.3 12oz. bags.)

03. Melting and Molding Wafers

Q: Can hardened candy wafers be remelted and used again?

Yes, you can remelt chocolate approximately three times before the consistency starts breaking down and it becomes more difficult to melt.

Q: Why do my melted Candy Wafers have the consistency of fudge, and how can I avoid this?

This can be a sign that trace amounts of moisture have gotten into your wafers, or that wafers were slightly over heated; in some cases, wafers that are over a year old can have less fluidity when melted. These situations can be helped by adding a small amount of vegetable oil or Make’n Mold Paramount Crystals to the wafers to thin them out. Start with a teaspoon for every 8 ounces of candy and go up from there.

Q: After pouring Candy Wafers how soon can I take it out of the mold?

Once you’ve finished molding the piece you should chill it in your refrigerator for 10-15 minutes.
Then remove from the refrigerator and check if the candy is set.

Q: How can I tell if my chocolate has set?

When your chocolate is firm to the touch it is set and can be removed from the mold.

Q: Should I have sprayed my mold with cooking oil first?

It is not necessary and not recommended to spray the mold with cooking oil. The candy should easily release from the mold when it has finished chilling in the refrigerator.

Q: What is the easiest way to trim candy when it comes out of the mold

  1. You could break any excess chocolate off with your fingers and then rub along the edge with your finger tip to smooth the chocolate.
  2. You could also use a sharp knife and then slowly and carefully go along the edge with the over pour and cut along the mold’s edge.
  3. Someone suggested that you could also use a carrot/vegetable peeler, similar to the knife just slow go around the edges.
  4. You may also try filling the molds with a squeeze bottle so that you have a finer control of how quickly the mold is filled, hopefully ending any over pour.

04. Our Tools and Supplies

Q: Are your candy molds BPA free?

Yes, our candy molds are BPA free.

Q: I’m having difficult opening the Make n’ Mold squeeze bottle. Does the cap twist off or pull off.

The cap will twist off. Run the cap under warm water for about 30 seconds and then try to twist off. Repeat the process if necessary.

Q: I bought some malted crunch and it is very hard and solid. Is there a way to loosen it up?

This can happen. Try kneading the bag to loosen the mix or if more force is necessary, carefully slap it against a table or counter top.

Q: Quick question – are your Gold Foil Candy Cups oven safe? I’d like to use them to bake mini-cheesecakes.

Unfortunately our foil cups are not over-safe.

05. Wafer Flavoring and Additions

Q: I would like to make flavored candy pieces. What type of flavoring should I use?

Only use oil-based flavoring. Adding extracts or water-based flavorings will cause your candy wafers to seize and become unusable. There are several flavoring oils available by Make’n Mold. You can view these oils here: Make’n Mold Flavoring Oils

Q: How should I add flavoring oil to my melted candy wafers?

To begin, add just a drop or two to your melted candy wafers, stir, and then taste. Repeat the process until you’ve reached the desired flavor.

(73) Comments

  • Abby
    21 Apr 2016

    I am so excited to start my project but I have two questions first.
    1. Do I need to wash the microwavable squeeze bottles prior to melting wafers in them?
    2. If the melted wafers start to harden in my squeeze bottle, can i re-melt them in the bottle in the microwave? If yes, how many times can I melt and re-melt?

    • Make'n Mold
      25 Apr 2016

      Hi Abby! 1) Yes, it is advisable to wash the squeeze bottles before you use them, 2) Yes, you can remelt the the wafers inside the squeeze bottle, probably as many times as necessary. If the consistency/workability of the wafers starts to change, you’ll know it’s time to use new wafers. Good luck!

  • Marisol Pires
    25 Sep 2015

    Hi, could you please tell me if you ship to France? whats the minimum price to buy and price for the shipping?
    Thanks a lot for your answer
    best regards

  • DeAnne Rogan
    26 Apr 2015

    I want to use the melt and mold candy melts to make the colors of Clemson Tigers…purple and burnt orange..what would I mix with the colors to get burnt orange?

    • Make'n Mold
      27 Apr 2015

      Hi DeAnne, that sounds like a cool project. You will probably have to play around a little bit, but we’d suggest adding a small amount of red wafers to the orange wafers, to get the Clemson orange. You probably won’t need too much red. Start with a ratio of 3:1 or 4:1, and go from there. Do some small batch tests, try melting 4 orange candy wafers and 1 red candy wafer together to see what color you get, then you can scale up from there. Good luck!

  • Z
    23 Apr 2015

    Hello there,
    Just wondering why i can’t add the Bakerella Candy Mold -Letters – BA8300 to my cart. It keeps on saying that “You have requested more of an item than the store allows.” when i only put 1 in the quantity box.

    • Make'n Mold
      27 Apr 2015

      Hi Z, We apologize, it looks as though the Letters Mold is out of stock.

  • Ola
    09 Apr 2015


    Can the candy molds also be used to mold fondant?

    • Make'n Mold
      09 Apr 2015

      Hi Ola, The problem with molding fondant is that it will be very difficult to have release from the mold. You can certainly give it a try, and let us know how it works out for you!

  • Gaby Zepeda
    15 Mar 2015

    A friend of mine from North Carolina said her Hobby Lobby carries Bakerella make n mold produces. Is that the case for all Hobby Lobby’s? I sure hope so!! I’m in Califorina.

  • Mary Manello
    13 Mar 2015

    Can your candy be used as a ganache, the way chocolate chips are used? (a typical ganache uses boiling cream stirred into semi-sweet chips and stirred until pourable). I’d be most appreciative for your answer!

    • Make'n Mold
      16 Mar 2015

      Hi Mary, Yes, you can use our candy wafers as a ganache. Play around with the ratios to see what works best, and have fun!

  • Marjie
    12 Jan 2015

    We purchased several bags of candy wafers after Christmas. Can they be frozen until we’re ready to use them?

  • Cherie Gayle
    19 Nov 2014

    What colors would you mix together to make the color maroon and how many of each color?

    • Make'n Mold
      20 Nov 2014

      Hi Cherie, You could try mixing Red Candy Wafers with Dark Chocolate Candy Wafers, somewhere around a 2:1 ratio. Give this a try and adjust as necessary.

  • Sharon
    11 Nov 2014

    I bought the 3 d tree candy mood. It says to look on here for info for 3 d directions but they are only for items at use sticks. HELP

    • Make'n Mold
      12 Nov 2014

      Hi Sharon, The directions will be nearly identical for the tree. Just ignore the direction to add sticks and proceed with placing the first set of molds on top of the freshly poured molds, gently press them together, and then chill in the refrigerator.

  • Gaby Zepeda
    10 Nov 2014

    We don’t have AC Moore in California. Will Bakerella produces be available in Hobby Lobby any time soon?

    • Make'n Mold
      10 Nov 2014

      Hi Gaby, Bakerella will not be available at Hobby Lobby. Besides AC Moore, the Bakerella Collection is also available at

  • Sheryl Feldman
    06 Nov 2014

    Are your chocolate wafers Kosher?

  • Willa-Dean Smith
    23 Oct 2014

    This site really was very helpful and answered all of my questions…thank you

  • Teresa Currie
    07 Oct 2014

    Hi. Just found your site and would love to be able to use your candy molds for gumpaste or fondant.

    I am specifically interested in:
    Witches Broom Pretzel Candy Molds – Spooky – 1109
    and your Ghost Pops Chocolate Mold-
    Spooky- 1095.

    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    • Make'n Mold
      08 Oct 2014

      Hi Teresa, You can certainly give it a shot! Your success will depend on if the gumpaste or fondant contracts at all so that it releases from the mold. Let us know how it works out!

  • Geraldine
    28 Sep 2014

    How do you determine the expiration date on a bag of candy wafers?

  • Loriann
    25 Sep 2014

    I would like to know if the Make ‘n Mold microwaveable caramel is gluten free…and safe for a celiac

    • Make'n Mold
      25 Sep 2014

      Hi Loriann, The Caramel is gluten-free and should be safe for a Celiac.

  • Irene Knights
    19 Sep 2014

    We’ve been buying Make’n Mold chocolate wafers at A. C. Moore, but our local stores are closing. Where can we find your wafers locally – Rochester, Monroe County, NY?

    • Make'n Mold
      22 Sep 2014

      Hi Irene, We’re sorry to hear that! You may be able to find Make’n Mold Candy Wafers at your local Wegmans in the bulk section. A couple other stores you could try if you have one near by would be Tops or Hobby Lobby. Thanks!

  • Hanna Johnson
    15 Sep 2014

    Do you use natural food colorings? My son can’t have yellow or red dye.

    • Make'n Mold
      16 Sep 2014

      Hi Hanna, We do not use natural food colorings. Various color dyes are used in our products. Sorry!

      • DJ
        06 Feb 2015

        Is there an ingredients list for the wafers? My son can’t have soy or artificial dyes.

      • Make'n Mold
        06 Feb 2015

        We do not have ingredients listed on our website at this time, but if you look below the nutrition panel on the back of our candy wafers bags we will list any allergens in the products. Many of our wafers contain soy and some contain dyes. If you need information for a specific candy wafer, feel free to email info@localhost to request nutritional info.

  • Laura
    15 Sep 2014

    I love Bakerella’s new line! I’m trying to find allergy information. Are the products safe for my daughter who has a peanut allergy?

    • Make'n Mold
      16 Sep 2014

      Hi Laura, Here is the allergen info from the Bakerella candy wafer bags…
      Contains: Milk and Soy. May contain trace amounts of peanuts due to common processing equipment.

      Also, our candy wafers are Gluten free.

  • Nancy Campbell
    18 Aug 2014

    Would like to make raspberry, lemon, and coconut truffles. Can I use flavored extracts in the melted wafers?

    • Make'n Mold
      19 Aug 2014

      Hi Nancy, you can use flavored extracts with melted candy wafers. An oil-based flavoring will give you the best results, something like what we have here. Play around and experiment to get the best results, and have fun!

      • Irene Dower
        08 Dec 2014

        The chocolate wafers melted , then seized up. I added shortening, 1 T. at a timeX3 but nothing changed. What can I do?

      • Make'n Mold
        09 Dec 2014

        Hi Irene, it sounds like the wafers could have been overheated (burned), and if this is the case the candy wafers would likely be unrecoverable. Take a look at this article for reference:

  • Nancy Campbell
    18 Aug 2014

    I was wondering if I can tint the white mint melts pink for breast cancer. Would love to use them to make truffles for a fund raiser.

    • Make'n Mold
      18 Aug 2014

      Hi Nancy, You can tint the white candy wafers pink. You’ll want to make sure you use an oi-based coloring, such as our candy colors. Add a drop at a time to slowly work up the hue you’re looking for. Good luck!

  • Kerry
    02 Aug 2014

    Are your candy colors kosher?

  • kelly
    09 Jun 2014

    Hi. I want to make mold pops for a baby shower but will be busy preparing other things the day before an of. I want to know how long before the day of celebration can i make them and should i keep them stored in fridge or not?

    • Make'n Mold
      09 Jun 2014

      Hi Kelly, you can certainly make candy ahead of time, we recommend no more than a month in advance. It’d probably be optimal to make them a week or two ahead of time.

      • Sara Cardiff
        04 Oct 2014

        Can they then be stored in an air-tight container until the event? I was thinking of making them two weeks ahead of my event.

      • Make'n Mold
        06 Oct 2014

        Hi Sara, yes you can store them in an air-tight container. That should be no problem.

  • Leigh
    04 May 2014

    I have graduation May 11 wondering how soon I can coat cake pops with melted candy and if need to store in refrigerator after dipping?

    • Make'n Mold
      09 May 2014

      Hi Leigh, You can start right away. We don’t recommend that you store them in the refrigerator, just a cool dry place. Have fun!

  • rebecca
    17 Apr 2014

    Can I add cocoa to black colored wafers to make them chocolate?

    • Make'n Mold
      17 Apr 2014

      Hi Rebecca, it’s not something we would recommend.

      If you were to add cocoa to the black candy wafers it would probably not completely incorporate and create a somewhat speckled product that was grainy. You could try adding and mixing on a mixer but would need to keep the product warm while mixing. Let us know if you try it and how it turns out!

  • Brittany
    11 Apr 2014

    I’m having a bit of an issue melting certain colors to the right consistency for dipping, and for some reason they are still thick after melting in a double boiler. So far its the orange wafers and white wafers that aren’t melting to the consistency that I’m looking for. These are brand new wafers that I bought yesterday yet they are melting very thick. Is there a way to fix this issue? The other colors melted fine when I used them. Please help me.

    • Make'n Mold
      14 Apr 2014

      Hi Brittany, we’re sorry for the trouble you’re having with the wafers. Your best bet may be to add a fat, such as our paramount crystals or vegetable oil, to the melted candy wafers to help thin them out. Start with a teaspoon for every 8 ounces of candy and go up from there.

  • Jacob
    30 Mar 2014

    Hi, I was wondering if your milk and dark chocolate candy wafers are Kosher for Passover?

  • Kathy
    30 Mar 2014

    I bought your make and mold candy wafer bottles. I thought they would be great to fill my easter molds, but I am having trouble to get the cap off, is there a easier way of getting it off?

    • Make'n Mold
      31 Mar 2014

      Hi Kathy, we apologize for the inconvenience. Try running the cap under warm water for about 30 seconds and then try to twist off. Repeat the process if necessary.

    • Joseph Steinman
      08 Apr 2014

      Hi Kathy, you can also try microwaving the bottle for 30 seconds to loosen the cap or freezing it and then taping the cap against a hard surface to get it off. Good luck!

  • Stephanir Boone
    29 Mar 2014

    Can an individual order candy molds from you or do I have to be a company? Hobby Lobby use to carry the Easter Molds I’m using but aren’t this year and I need more.

    • Make'n Mold
      31 Mar 2014

      Hi Stephanie, of course! Anyone can order from us, just visit to browse our selection.

  • Liliana Emura
    20 Mar 2014

    I am using your candy wafers (they work really nice) for some cake pops. The party where the cake pops are going to be is outside and temperature is going to be around 85 F, are they going to hold ok? Please help me! I am scared

    • Make'n Mold
      24 Mar 2014

      Hi Liliana, as long as it’s not much hotter than that, your cake pops should be just fine!

  • Krisi Goodman
    17 Mar 2014

    Do the flavoring oils effect the color of the candy?

    • Make'n Mold
      17 Mar 2014

      Hi Krisi,
      Generally it should not be an issue, but if you’re using a flavoring oil that has a color and you are adding it to white candy wafers, it could change the color slightly, depending on the amount used.

  • Cecilia
    24 Feb 2014

    I am looking for dark purple wafers to make the ribbon for cancer survivors for our American Cancers relay for life.

    • Make'n Mold
      26 Feb 2014

      Hi Cecilia, we have a purple in our Everyday Candy Wafer collection, maybe it will work for you? You can check it out here: Everyday Candy Wafers

      • Cecilia
        25 Mar 2014

        I need a deep purple, the one you have is more a lilac

      • Make'n Mold
        26 Mar 2014

        Hi Cecilia, you might want to try our Candy Colors. You can add purple to the candy wafers to help darken the color. Hope this helps!

    • Joseph Steinman
      08 Apr 2014

      Hi Cecilia, Buy a bag of MakeNMold’s Tuxedo Black wafers and add a small amount of white wafers when melting and that will be sure to give you a very deep purple. Hope that helps.

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