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Candy Packaging and Presentation Options

Candy Packaging Options

Assorted Boxes or Baskets – These come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Personally, I love to use boxes that are recycled from other food items; using a strawberry basket from a farmers market to hold dipped berries makes a beautiful gift.

Glassine Bags – These wax-coated bags are completely safe for food items and will give a vintage candy-shop feeling. Seal with a sticker or a label to customize.

String – Perfect if you want to create a homemade feel. String is something you likely have already, or look for bakery string to give that nostalgic feeling of buying sweets at a bakery or candy shop.

Ribbons – These are ideal for making a non-seasonal candy piece seem like a seasonal item. The ribbon can be matched to a wedding color or used on an edible favor if the table needs something bright.

Labels and Tags – Whether you are writing To and From, or identifying your candy pieces, tags can really make a package look finished.

Glass Jars – These are becoming a favorite packaging option because they display your candy in such a beautiful way. Jars are food safe and almost always on hand. If the lid is not so beautiful, cover it with a piece of fabric or paper and tie it with a ribbon to hide it.

Flower Pots or Ceramics – Anything from a (new) flower pot to an old tea cup can give your candy a themed feeling when packaged. Find mismatched teacups at estate sales for very little money.

Metal Tins – These will keep candy items fresh and also provide a hard container to protect delicate items such as bark or candy clusters. Remember to add tissue paper or newspaper to protect from scuffing.

Clear Bags – Perfect for times when you are giving many favors or want to keep your cost low, clear bags are perfect because they allow the recipient to see the product. Use a string, ribbon, or tag to seal and personalize the bag.

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