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Molding Lollipops

Molding Lollipops

Lollipop molds are identified by the “stick channel” which allows for a lollipop stick to lay flat while candy wafers harden.

Instructions: Fill all candy mold cavities to the top without over filling. Remove all air bubbles by tapping mold onto the counter top.

Lay sticks into the stick channel with at least 1″ of it exposed to the melted candy wafers. With your finger, rotate the stick to pull the candy wafers around it. Chill for 10 minutes. Sticks are available in various sizes, but depending on the size of the stick channel, some sticks may not fit. Paper sticks can be trimmed using scissors.

Once lollipops are unmolded, you may notice that the stick channel has collected a small amount of melted candy wafers. If this happens, use a small knife or your fingers to snap off the excess candy. Wait until pieces reach room temperature before packaging.

Lollipops make for a cute favor when they are displayed in a small vase.

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