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Essential Tools for the Candy Making Kitchen

Candy Making Tools

Essential Candy Making Tools

1. Candy Molds – Candy molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used repeatedly. Make’n Mold® offers clear plastic molds which allow you to see air bubbles or details for painting. Make’n Mold offers a large variety of Candy Molds.

2. Melting TraysMake’n Mold® Microwaveable Trays hold about 8 ounces of melted candy wafers and can go in the microwave for easy melting. They have a coating on the inside to keep them from soaking up any fat from the melted candy.

Benefits: These bowls are deep enough for dipping fruits, nuts, and some cookies, and make for a very easy clean up!

3. Large Squeeze BottlesMake’n Mold® Squeeze Bottles are a good way to work with melted candy wafers on a larger production scale. The bottles allow you to direct melted wafers exactly where you want them to go with minimal mess. The bottles are safe to go in the microwave for re-melting purposes, just follow the directions carefully.

Tip: The easiest way to clean a squeeze bottle is to first pour out as much of the melted wafers as possible. Then, to remove the remaining coat of wafers, put the bottle on its side in your refrigerator. Once the candy inside hardens, squeeze the bottle to break up the pieces and shake them out for use in your next project.

4. Decorating BottlesMake’n Mold® Decorating Bottles come with caps that have openings for writing on candies, cakes, dessert plates, as well as creating the perfect drizzle. Decorating bottles come with two different tip sizes (both are small but one is slightly larger than the other). Depending on the job you are doing, pay attention to which size will work better for you.

5. Dipping Tools Make’n Mold® Dipping Tools are a collection of utensils that help support a variety of items as they are being dipped into melted candy wafers.

Various kinds: There are many levels of quality when it comes to dipping tools. Sets range in cost from a few dollars to more than thirty. If you do a lot of dipping, find a set of tools that you will love.

6. Candy Colors – These fat-based candy dyes are made for coloring candy wafers. Make sure you choose dyes that are fat-based as opposed to water-based, otherwise you’ll end up with seized candy. Make’n Mold® offers two sets of Candy Colors.

Tip: Work smart, not hard! If you need a color like black, start with dark chocolate flavored candy wafers and add black dye. You will reach your desired color much faster and you will use a lot less food dye.

7. Painter’s Palette – This is a plastic tray that holds small amounts of melted candy wafers used for “painting” the inside of a candy mold when multiple colors are needed. The Make’n Mold® Painter’s Palette comes with two brushes. The brushes are “shed-less” and food safe. Also, I find that using the other end of the brush is a great tool for getting colors inside the mold if the detail is very fine.

Tip: The painter’s palette can go into the microwave, but be aware that small amounts of candy require very short melting times, so don’t overheat!

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