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Easter Penguin

Easter Penguin by Make'n Mold

Easter Penguin

Serves 3
Prep time 1 hour
Meal type Dessert, Snack
Misc Pre-preparable
Occasion Casual Party, Easter


  • 12oz Make’n Mold Milk Chocolate Flavored Candy Wafers (Approximately)
  • 3oz Make’n Mold Orange Vanilla Flavored Candy Wafers
  • 3-5 Make'n Mold Peanut Butter Flavored Candy Wafers
  • 1 cup Shredded Coconut
  • 6 Bakerella DIY Sugar Eyes by Make'n Mold
  • 1 handful Jelly Beans


  • 1 Make'n Mold Easter Egg Mold (#4130 or similar mold)
  • Wax Paper Lined Cookie Sheet
  • 2 Medium Bowls
  • Small Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Knife
  • Skewer or Lollipop Stick


Step 1 In medium bowl melt the milk chocolate candy wafers according to package instructions. Pour approximately half of the melted candy wafers into the second bowl and combine with 1 cup of shredded coconut.
Step 2
Immediately portion mixture into three clumps on the wax paper. Using the spoon, shape into a nest, and chill until set.
Coconut clusters
Step 3
Using the remaining meted milk chocolate flavored candy wafers, fill the egg mold. You will need 6 eggs to make three complete penguins. Chill after filling.
Filled egg molds
Step 4
Using the small bowl, melt the orange candy wafers according to package instructions. With the skewer, create little beak shaped triangles on the wax paper that can be adhered to your penguins later on.
Penguin beaks
Step 5 With the small knife cut the peanut butter wafers in half to make the wings.
Step 6 Create candy eyes by following the package instructions.
Step 7 To assemble the penguin, use the remaining melted wafers to adhere 2 molded eggs together. Place each penguin body inside a nest with additional melted wafers.
Step 8
Decorate the penguin with the candy eyes, peanut butter wings, and beaks that were created.
Penguin assembly
Step 9 Garnish with a few jelly beans inside the nest.

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