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Make’n Mold offers easy-to-use colored and flavored candy wafers, molds, gift bags and boxes, candy making utensils, and much more. Come find everything you need to create great gifts, family fun projects or special treats - no matter what time of year.

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Look through our project pages to get ideas to make more than just candies. With Make’n Mold Candy Wafers, candy molds, and easy-to-find ingredients the creative possibilities are endless.

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Make candy like a professional

Our tips and handy hints will help you use our products to their fullest potential to create beautiful final products. Your friends and family will think that your candies were made by a sweet professional.

Who is Make'n Mold?

Make’n Mold allows cooks and crafters to turn their home kitchens into virtual candy shops. Make’n Mold was created to inspire candy lovers to make delicious treats at home.

Make’n Mold produces high quality, simple to use molds, utensils and other useful candy making products. Using these products along side our top rated Make’n Mold Candy Wafers allows everyone to create candies they’ve only dreamed of making.